*Still in the process of editing the blog*

Introduction | Illustrations by Ciara Leanne

My name's Ciara, I'm a 19 year old girl from Ireland who loves art. Anything to do with art and design interests me - Fashion, Makeup Artistry, Interior Design, Graphic Design, etc. Which is why I decided to start a blog!

I've been drawing ever since I could hold a pencil. When I was younger (around 6-11) I used to draw a lot of landscapes, birds (I used to be pretty good at identifying birds because of this... I was a bird nerd? haha) and other animals before I could draw people. I also remember as a kid I loved making paper doll type things (and paper animals) and playing with them as if they were actual dolls. That probably sounds weird but I loved the fact that I could create my own characters. It made it that bit more interesting! I even made doll houses out of shoe boxes! My creativity as a kid was non stop.

(Flowers I had originally designed for the blog theme but decided it would look too busy & draw the attention away from the illustrations I post)

Lately I've just been sketching out fashion designs and anything beauty related. Fashion design and Beauty/Makeup artistry are my favourite ways to express creativity! I haven't practiced life drawing etc in a while so bare with me haha.